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  • Mountaineer and Motivational speaker
  • Programme Facilitator, India,UNCTAD-Empretec

Krushnaa Patil.

In 2009, Krushnaa Patil became the youngest Indian to scale the 8848m tall Mt. Everest, the pinnacle of the world.
She remains the youngest woman from Maharashtra, and the second-youngest woman from India, to do so. She also holds the distinction of being the first Indian woman atop 4 of the 7 continents.

The field of mountaineering has underwent a change since. Her summits have inspired a brave new generation of young mountaineers to take up challenges to big summits. Though her pursuit of the Seven Summits Challenge remained incomplete, it set a new horizon for Indian mountaineers to go and explore – India went global. The push for mountaineering as a sport has received increasing support, due to this generation of new mountaineers.

2009 saw only 3 individual everest climbers
and the NIM team, but since Krushnaa climbed,
Arjun Vajpai broke her record immediately in 2010. he was accompanied by 8 other indians.
The next few years saw a wave of young
mountaineers, some that summited, and some that kept coming back. Arjun has gone on to summit 3 other eight thousanders. Tashi and Nungshi discussed with Krushnaa before their climbs, and have gone to make India even more proud. Sachi from Rajasthan and an 18 year old Maharashtran girl that attempted repeatedly, were also inspired. The Sanaur boys, once mentored by Arjun, created history in 2013. That year also saw Tashi and Nungshi finally on the summit that they had so dreamt of and worked towards. Arunima Sinha made another golden history for India to remember in mountaineering, when she became the first amputee woman in the world to have climbed Everest. She climbed in 2013 and had amputed her leg in early-2012.
2014 saw the amazing 13-year old Andhra tribal girl Malavath Poorna! The world of mountaineering in India has changed.

She is also an Ink fellow since 2011, and a motivational speaker. Her talks focus on achieving the impossible, success against the odds, and conquering personal challenges – uniquely brought out through her diverse experiences.

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